1. Have fun and hone your skills
2. Learn from the best and master the game
3. Get detailed replays or real-time analyses

Coaching in
League of Legends
Play with PRO players
Our players are online and ready to start right away
Meet your new teammates
Buy your first hours of coaching. Then you choose what you want your session to be: you can focus on a specific champion, specific role, a particular part of the game you want to improve in, or just your overall winrate.
Get started
How does it work?
Meet PRO player
We connect you with the player you've requested, or we find the one that fits your request. You chat with your Pro about your expectations and tell them about the challenges you face. You're also free to choose the map of your session:

  • Start with theory and then practice what you've learned
  • Play a few matches and then discuss how it went
  • Just skip all that and have fun playing in a party with a PRO
And 3...
...Join a lobby and DOMINATE
Together with our PROs, you can:

— Win matches and have fun
— Hone your skills and have a blast
— Get a detailed replay or a real-time analysis
What You'll Learn
In-game communication
Picking champions in different situations
Avoiding tilt
Item builds
Quick decision-making
How to play around objectives
What to do in early, mid and late-game
What to do in teamfights
Play with the Top 1% players and become the best
Frequently Asked Questions
Which game modes can I play with a PRO?
Usually, coaching is done in normal mode, but you can decide on a coaching method with your coach.
Which regions is your service available in?
We have professionals available all around the world. You will be paired with the closest one to your region.
What information will I need to provide?
Your Summoner Name, Region, and e-mail. We will never ask for your password or something personal like that. We are coaches, not boosters.
Can I use your service together with a friend?
Sure! You can play in a party together with your friend and our pro. This will not influence the price.
Who are your coaches?
Our pros are only high-ranked gamers and cyber athletes, and we can vouch for their gaming expertise and competence.
What roles and champions are available for coaching?
Our players cover all of the roles and champions in League of Legends. No matter what your goal is, our players will teach you everything you need to know.
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I am very happy with the player I got. He was very good and I learned a lot. Ended a very bad losestreak and finally got to specialis.
Asaoki Kitashi
The player I was assigned is an absolute monster. After the session I got much better at managing my resources and battle-building. Huge props to him.
Just wanted to try, but ended up learning few great tricks. The player also changed my view of the game. 100% will try again.
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Trustpilot Reviews
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